sound-board-tappingI work alone making each instrument by hand using traditional Spanish construction methods.

I construct relatively small-bodied, light-weight classical guitars with a fan-braced top.


They have a traditional ‘Spanish heel’, with wedges to secure the sides, using a similar method as Jose Rominillos.


The V head/neck joint is an attractive detail, adding strength and requiring considerable skill to execute well.


The rosettes, bindings and purflings are individual to each instrument, complementing the other materials used. The rosette is made by hand from wood veneers. My rosettes are variations based on a traditional pattern used by Torres. I aim for my guitars to have a simple, understated aesthetic.


The sound board, back and sides are all hand planed to thickness to within 0.1mm tolerance.


The sides are individually steam bent to shape.


Most of the guitars I have made use an oil finish that I believe shows the natural qualities of the wood to their full advantage. This finish is becoming increasingly popular among luthiers and players as it provides a surface coating that is tough and durable, protecting the wood from changes in humidity, while being incredibly thin and flexible, and allowing the wood to vibrate freely. However I can also provide a traditional french polished finish if you prefer.

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