My Guitars

Since 2009 I have been making guitars from my workshop in Falmouth, Cornwall. I have mainly focussed on making traditional Classical guitars, based on those of Herman Hauser. 

cho front detail square

More recently I have started to make 19th Century Romantic style guitars based on Pierre (René) Lacote, with the figure of eight  head and a moustache bridge.

fanny rosette square

I have also made a handful of ukuleles, which I have enjoyed being little more experimental with.  For example trying out alternative, less traditional, materials. There are so many possibilities and for me the ukulele is a fun way to try out new ideas. 

side square

I use the highest quality materials that I am able to obtain. I usually use a traditional combination of woods that include Indian rosewood for the back and sides, European spruce for the sound board, cedar or mahogany for the neck and head, and ebony for the fret board. I use this combination as it gives me consistently good results. However, I am very conscious of the necessity to use sustainable materials and I have used many alternative tone woods with good results.

To see more details of the instruments I have currently available for sale please go to the Gallery page of this site.

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